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CaYPT Individual Selection Stage 2024

Selecting IYPT Team Candidates for IYPT 2024

Budapest, Hungary, host of IYPT 2024. CREDIT: 2019 © Sergey Alimov/Sergey Alimov

Program Overview

The individual selection stage permits students to submit their work in a scientific report/manuscript format. This stage determines students’ eligibility to participate in IYPT 2024 as a part of Team Canada. Each of the eligible teams can submit a maximum of 10 reports to be judged, one for each CaYPT problem. The reports are then graded by a panel of internal and external graders. The CaYPT Organizing Committee (COC) will announce the winner of the individual selection stage. Top students from this stage become IYPT Team Candidates and may be considered by the COC to represent Canada in the IYPT.

Individual Selection Stage Policies:

Please carefully read the IYPT Team Canada Selection document before submitting your report.

Report Format

The submitted reports must adhere to the following formatting requirements:
    1. Contains the following sections: abstract, introduction, body text, conclusion, (optional) appendix, references.
    2. Abstract must be less than 600 characters.
    3. Main text (title + abstract + introduction + body text + conclusion + figures) must be less than 3750 words and less than 6 pages.
    4. Written using the provided standard LaTex template.
    5. Figures are legible without zooming in. Descriptive captions are included
    6. Figures placed as close as possible to the text first referencing them.
    7. References provided using bibtex. Style doesn’t matter. Does not contribute to word limit. In-text citation is required, use cross referencing whenever required.
    8. Appendix section formatted in single column format. The length of the appendix is unlimited but is not graded.
    9. For any additional formatting details, use Physical Review style as a reference.
    10. Only submit rendered PDF. .tex file submission not accepted.

Report LaTex Template

Report LaTex Template can be downloaded here.

Report Processing Fee

The COC charges a report process fee of $50.00 CAD per submitted report. This fee is used to provide financial compensation to our professional external graders. Report processing fee can be paid via e-transfer to info@stemfellowship.org.

Report Submission Form:

Please use the following link to provide contributor information and submit your report.

Report Submission Deadline:

Apr 7, 2024, 11:59 pm Eastern Time. No late submissions will be accepted.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at caypt@stemfellowship.org