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Canadian Young Physicists’ Tournament Homepage


CaYPT News and Upcoming Dates

(May 01, 2024 – Tentative) Announcement of 2024 Individual Selection Result

(Apr 07, 2024 ) Deadline to Submit Reports for 2024 Individual Selection


(Mar 21, 2024 ) Announcement of IYPT 2024 Team Canada Selection Policies

CaYPT 2024 Individual Selection stage has began. Click here for more details.

(Mar 02, 2024) CaYPT 2024 Day 2

(Feb 24, 2024) CaYPT 2024 Day 1

(Feb 22, 2024) Timing Volunteer Training Session

Registered timing volunteers please check your email for training information.

(Feb 20, 2024) CaYPT 2024 Schedule Released, Tournament Information emailed to all participants.

Click here to see the tournament schedule. Registered participants please see your email for tournament information.

(Feb 10, 2024) Deadline for CaYPT 2024 Team Registration

CaYPT team registration closes on Feb 10, 2024, 11:59 pm EST. Team leaders should approve all students in CaYPTMS before registration closes.

(Jan 30, 2024) CaYPT Committee Recruiting Information Team Member and Web Designer

The CaYPT committee is actively recruiting volunteer Information Team members and web designers to build and maintain the CaYPTMS and CaYPT website. See here for the job description. If you are interested, please send your CV/resume to caypt@stemfellowship.org

(Jan 28, 2024) Team Canada Pre-registering for IYPT 2024

IYPT 2024 will be held in Budapest, Hungary. The CaYPT committee is working on pre-registering team Canada for IYPT 2024. More details regarding individual selection and IYPT participation will be announced at a later date.

(Jan 16, 2024) CaYPT 2024 Registration NOW OPEN!

CaYPT 2024 Registration is now open! Registration details can be found here.

This site is under construction. The CaYPT team is working hard to migrate from the old CaYPT page. Come back for updates!

For CaYPT 2024 Information and Registration, please visit the CaYPT 2024 Home Page.